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Problem Solving

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Whenever a problem occurs people tend to concentrate too

much on the solution and sometimes forget the essence of the problem. No matter whether this happens in one’s workplace or at home, it is essential for the individual to have a right approach to the problem itself in order to figure out the best solution.

People who are really good at solving problems go about it systematically. They have a way of placing the problem in context and do not jump to conclusions. They evaluate all alternatives.

According to the numerous books and articles on the subject, the traditional approach to problem solving consists of four steps: problem identification, problem analysis, decision criteria identification and multiple solutions development. All these steps try to teach one to always question themselves about the nature of the problem, not to immediately make assumptions, which will most probably have resulted from an impulse of the moment rather than rational thinking. One must identify the right problem by asking the right questions and observation. These might be questions like “How often does the problem occur?”, ” What might be the causes of the problem? ”or “How is the problem affecting other processes or people?”.

The right approach to a problem depends very much on the culture, where the problem has occurred. In the universalist environment for instance no such pondering will be needed, because the only possible solution to the problem will be what is generally considered to be good, right and moral. In most cases, however, this approach is simply inapplicable because the issues and problems that occur are extremely complex, affect too many people and the general morality appears to be a superficial solution, which does not satisfy the needs of people involved in the conflict.

In my opinion the best way to approach a problem is to be creative. No matter how many books, articles or references on the subject one reads, being a good problem-solver is an ability that cannot be learned without a practical experience. Only by actual involvement in conflicts in the workplace, pondering on the issues and free opinion giving, one can learn how to cope in similar situations and build his or her own style of problem approaching.


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